This is my blog about using meditation, yoga, poetry, exercise and Positive Discipline techniques (along with any other brilliant and beautiful tools I come across) to be a better, happier, more relaxed parent.  We begin the journey one week before the new school year starts.  More about the three cats and a bunny later…


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi KPR – how brave to start a blog!! It is great to read a bit more about you life day to day. Funny, I have always thought that opposite sex siblings and twins get along better. Clearly another incarnation of “the grass is always greener”!!. I too am dreading the start of school – homework and the crazy schedule of my children!!!
    I have found that one thing that really seemed to helpthe sibling rivalry issue was me not getting involved in their disputes, absent serious amounts of blood being shed. I try to just say, “sounds like something that you two can work out”. It seems to have least helped, although things are far from perfect…..
    Cheers, wish we could discuss this over a glass of wine or cup of tea!!!!

    • Christine: What you suggest about how to respond to kids fighting is exactly what Positive Discipline recommends! Wise words, though it does take practice and dedication (on the parent’s part) to consistently follow-through on this technique. Yesterday’s scenario took place in the car when Zoe became irate that I had given Alexander a breath mint before her. When I offered her a mint (2 seconds after her brother had gotten one), she slapped it out of my hand. Urrrghh. What I FELT like doing was slapping her back, but since that would be wrong on SO many levels, of course, I did not. Instead I let loose with a lengthy harangue, which accomplished nothing and left everyone feeling bad. sigh…

      Thank you for commenting on my blog! Maybe we can arrange the cup of tea or glass of wine at Christmas time. I hope so!

  2. Hope you and your family are having a fun, exciting Spring. Perfect time to go outdoors and do the things we are passionate about. We’re heading to Crawfish Festival today after printing pictures of the Siberian Tiger for my son’s project. It’s been a long week and needed a bit of break. Hope you have a great Sunday.

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