Goals??? Who said anything about goals?

OK, so this is getting a little embarrassing.  It’s been more than a month since I mentioned that I wanted to accomplish something big before turning 50, and I still haven’t put my money where my mouth is and 1) pledged to my goals and 2) begun to achieve them.  Life continues to take me in different directions — away from writing and away from genuine focus and commitment to what I want to accomplish.  In trying to take the long view, I figure there is some reason for all of this playing out the way it is.  In the end, there will be clarity and sense of purpose that transcends children’s homework, money worries, and household headaches.

The funny thing is, I think my foot-dragging on “the goals” is actually becoming a bit of a psychic millstone — so I figure I better just put it out there so I can move on.

Here goes.  Ack.

1) Participate in a triathlon.

I guess by “participate”, I mean start and finish all three parts of a triathlon.  What is the correct term?  It’s not “run a triathlon” because there’s biking and swimming involved, too.  Swimming… gulp… in open water, in a big deep lake.  : (

2) Publish a volume of poetry.

Uh, yeah, that one’s a little wacky and far out.  Not to mention something that feels almost completely out of my control and destined for crushing failure.  Fine choice.  Yup.

There I’ve said it.  As you can see, my mood is not ideal for the official launch of my big year.  I may never mention these things again.

Goals???  What goals?

Visual representation — the “before” picture:

kpr.dec.2012What will “after” look like?

As always, I welcome your thoughts and accounts of goals, resolutions, challenges.  What successes have you had?  What failures?  Could you find a way to think about your failure differently to realize that maybe it was actually a success?