My life as a goddess of self-actualization: Do one thing. Finish it. Repeat.

To pick up where I left off…  but first a meme and three truths:

You can’t be a goddess of self-actualization while looking at your phone.

Somewhere along the way, much to my horror and embarrassment (and I’m still battling denial on this), I became one of those people who is constantly (or at least frequently) interacting with her phone.

Feeling bored, anxious, stressed?  Got a spare moment in the car or between meetings?  Check email, read a movie review on Flixster, finish an online crossword, check the New York Times headlines, look at Facebook, check the weather, check email, look at Facebook, play a few turns in Words with Friends.

All of these things can be fun, useful and interesting.  But they have the potential to become mind-numbing, habit forming, and immobilizing.  At least for me.

Today is Day 5 of my internet/ iPhone detox.  It’s hard!  But it’s going well.

You can’t be a goddess of self-actualization while multi-tasking.                       (Closely related to truth #1, above)

My new mantra:  Do one thing.  Finish it.  Repeat.

This works well both at work and at home.

You can’t be a goddess of self-actualization without engaging in basic activities that help you stay healthy and happy.

Thus, as a starting point, a return to my simple daily goals.

Yoga                                                                                                                                 Meditate                                                                                                                                   Use Positive Discipline                                                                                                      Journal                                                                                                                                    20 minutes of exercise                                                                                                      Floss teeth                                                                                                                Something creative                                                                                                            Write

And so, I begin to lay the foundation for my year-before-turning-50 goals.  Which will be revealed.  Soon.  On this very blog.  : )

If you are working on goals — short-term or long-term, tangible or abstract — what are they?  How is it going?  What are your strategies for preparing to achieve your goals and for achieving them?


4 thoughts on “My life as a goddess of self-actualization: Do one thing. Finish it. Repeat.

  1. Smiling at this. I think multi-tasking really isn’t possible. How much better to do just One Thing. Luckily, we can’t get cell phone service at our house so I only fiddle obsessively while on trips (short and/or long trips). My goals have not been going well lately so I have developed a wide goal which may or may not succeed. It is this: being completely at peace with whatever arises. We shall see…

    • That is an ambitious goal! I wish you well. I’ve noticed there is a direct relationship between stress and my tendency to engage in less healthy behaviors — or at least not to engage in healthy ones. Luckily, my “unhealthy behaviors” are pretty mild and not particularly dangerous or destructive — mainly being slack and irritable! But still, it irks me to notice that I often do the opposite of what would be good and healthy when I’m feeling tense or blue. sigh…

  2. That is one great goal. I think Millions out there abuse the cellphone use. Worse is that it seems to be controlling their lives. To prove my point all that we have to do is go the mall or in a restaurant. People are more engross with their phone than with people. Technology is good if we use it right. Great post!

    • I know — my husband recently suggested we get iPhones for our children for Christmas because there was a great deal for adding them to our plan. (The kids are 6th graders — probably about 1/3 to 1/2 of their classmates have their own phones.) I thought about it briefly and then said, “Are you kidding?! That would be like giving them drugs or alcohol!”

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