Not the blog post I expected to write when I woke up this morning or “a wimp wades into the culture wars”

Those who know me well know that I have pretty strong feelings about, well…  things…  politics, social issues, separation of church and state, economic justice.  But I also have a personality type that values relationships.  Not just, “I want people to like me”, though there’s surely some of that, but really believing and experiencing in my heart that our interactions with each other, the quick fleeting ones, the life-long relationships, and everything in between, are what makes life good, the glue that holds the world together, the thing that gives me hope for humanity.  So you won’t see me posting a lot about politics and social issues on Facebook and, when I do, it’s usually a New York Times article or an NPR story, something “legitimate” that I can feel safe standing behind.  I hate it when people just pass things along – or post slogans or sound bites — without knowing the source or verifying that it’s accurate or what the context is.   There’s way too much of that, and it drives me crazy (in a “what is this world coming to?” kind of way).  But also, if I post things from an established mainstream news source (albeit the “liberal media”), I figure I won’t seem too, well…  “out there”.  I’m really kind of a wimp in a lot of ways.  Maybe it’s my wimpiness, colliding with my sense of justice, swamped by my desire to foster relationships, that’s made me such a wreck over the past week or so as the Chik-Fil-A controversy has exploded across the social media sphere.  In the past few days, I’ve teared up numerous times, felt extremely agitated, been riddled with anxiety about my relationships and my children’s relationships, even questioned whether I should continue to raise my family in a community where we are in a distinct minority as non-Christians.  I’ve felt frightened.  And I’ve felt sad.   I don’t want to get involved.  To be honest, I’ve never considered gay rights “my issue” (I know, that’s bad, and I’m ashamed).  Yet, I’ve got all this intense emotion bubbling up in me, and it’s not going away.   I really don’t want to be part of the “culture wars” – but I don’t see any safe, quiet place to wait it out that has moral integrity.  So, as I wade into the water, here is my “political post”.  Mostly, I want you to read this really well-written essay by Wayne Self.  It says some of what I tried to say to a friend in an email recently – only way better.  The author asks at the beginning that you read the entire post, and don’t assume you know all the perspectives or arguments he’s going to make.  I ask that, too.  It’s a good read.  So, here goes nothing…

Another link to Wayne Self’s blog post:


4 thoughts on “Not the blog post I expected to write when I woke up this morning or “a wimp wades into the culture wars”

  1. I am sorry to hear that you’ve felt some sad and frightened feelings about living as a non-Christian among a Christian community. I don’t identify as a Christian, but have not been harassed or made to feel uncomfortable here. It is wrong–what I love about our country is that we’re such a diverse nation. But not everyone has got that memo.

    • Kathy, I think this blog post might be slightly misleading (which is totally my fault, because I was sifting through a lot of things as I wrote it). More than anything, the sadness and fear I feel is my internal, emotional reaction to the intense divisions in our society, my community, and even — to some degree — amongst my circle of friends and acquaintances. It’s not based on a specific, immediate fear that something bad will happen to me or my family because of our religious beliefs (though my children have had some interactions with their classmates where the other children don’t seem sensitive to the possibility that not everyone believes the same thing), but more a general dismay and anxiety about the general direction things are going in the so-called “culture wars”. I may try to write more about this in a future post. Thank you for being interested!

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