I forgot; actually, it’s February that gets me down.

OK, I admit it.  I’m in a funk.  The long, bleak month of January has given way to February, and I’m still in the doldrums.  I can’t even blame my mood on fierce and relentless winter weather (like the kind we had during the past two years).  In fact, my complaint this year is that it’s not wintery enough!  The abnormally warm temperatures and eerie dearth of snow have me feeling unsettled and ill at ease.  We’re missing a season, and it’s messing with my personal rhythm of things and leaving me at loose ends.  There’s no triumph or inspiration to be had in this lame excuse for a winter!

Here’s a little poem I wrote about it:


The moon’s been too bright
all month

insistent night light,
relentless flood

tree trunks stand white
against the barren woods

nothing sparkles

deep in their mud,
frogs wait for snow.

As you can see, I’m taking this personally.  My parenting has been in a rut, too, and, like the weather, uninspired.  Despite my best intentions, I find myself losing patience, nagging, and feeling discouraged that my children are not responding positively to my efforts.

However, we are sticking with the no-screen-time-on-school-nights policy, and I continue to see that as a positive thing.  A few people have asked me how it’s going and how I dealt with Alexander bringing the issue up for discussion at a family meeting.  The screen time policy has been placed on the family meeting agenda a few times in the past month, but each time it’s been tabled — either due to lack of consensus or lack of time.  Zander has not been a strong advocate for change.  Although he doesn’t like the policy, he seems to recognize, on some level, the benefits of the new routine, and he has not fought too hard.  A few weeks ago, I came across the following paragraph in his weekly writing assignment for school:

“I think my parents are reasonably fair because they don’t let me watch TV on week nights, but we practically get free range on the weekend.  So, in the overall scheme of things, my parents are pretty fair.”

So, there you go.  Acceptance?  Resignation?  Whatever.  I got my way, and I think it’s right!  : )

As for all the other parenting issues that have reared their ugly heads during this lackluster January and February, I will leave those for another blog post.  Or, better yet, maybe I’ll lay a few of those issues to rest before my next post and will have something new to write about!

A picture of our driveway in more exciting winter times (December 2009)

Well, maybe not so exciting for the cat…

How are other people doing this winter?