Three cats and a bunny, plus the best thing I ever did on Facebook

Three cats










And a bunny.

Last winter, I posted a quick reflection on parenthood on my Facebook page in the form of a 30 second poem.  I asked friends to post their own short poems.  To my delight, a good handful did post poems.  It was really cool!  First, because, in my experience, most people just do not ordinarily write poems.  I loved that my friends were willing to jump into some spontaneous poetry-writing.  Second, there was an immediate sense of connection in what was written, common threads linking my friends from Massachusetts to Alaska.  And the poems were really good.

We had an easy and low-key Thanksgiving.  The weather was spectacular, too, which made it easy to be appreciative.  Over the long weekend, as I contemplated November’s end, I remembered last winter’s 30 second poems.  What the poems show and remind me is that there is sweetness in life — even in the trying, tiring times, even in the mundane moments of routine.  Sometimes the sweetness is bittersweet; sometimes it’s tinged with half-demented hilarity, sometimes it’s a small sweetness that seems overshadowed by other things.  But it’s there.

Here’s what we wrote, beginning with the one I posted.  Write one and post it, if you want, quick and simple.

Morning (30 second poem)

I wake up early
make coffee
cat wrangle
while the family sleeps
warm the house
keep the peace.

before the light
sneaking moments
quiet hum of respiration.

It’s another day in paradise
knowing the woman of my dreams
is here taking great care of us all,
and that my kids are well and happy.

One at school
One to enjoy for the day
Two bright lights

espresso bubbling on the wood stove
wakes me from a fitful night with a sick child
rocking by the fire, and
reading to soothe the flu
winter arrives with a fury

Balancing the guilt of being too strict,
I take him out of school for half the day
and we play.

Eyes open to the dark within the dark
first denial and then acceptance
wake the sweet dreamers to enter
their salty start to the day,
madness begins

crack o’ dawn,
mouth crusty,
back rusty,
I rise and yawn

Sometimes I wish
I could stop
Setting limits
Enforcing rules
Playing cop
cooking cleaning
dressing encouraging
buckling in
Sometimes I wish
I could break all the rules
watch action movies
have pizza and root beer
play video games
all day long
with my son
Sometime I wish
I could be a dad.

Nice, huh?


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