Oh, yeah, homework…

Just a quick post to report in on my “core mission” for this blog — the school year journey.  Tonight both kids had homework, but Zander seemed to have way more, and it took him a long time.  And this does not even count the spelling assignment that he couldn’t do because he had forgotten the spelling book at school.

Although there were a few dicey moments, all-in-all, it was not a terrible evening.  Zoe finished her work and went into the living room to watch a half-hour of television before her bath.  Zander continued to meander along in reasonably good spirits, but at a puttering pace.  At one point it suddenly hit him that he still had a lot to do AND that he would not have any screen time, in any case, because he didn’t have the spelling, so homework wouldn’t all be done.  He abruptly became very surly and despondent.  I coached him a bit on not going to the angry place — not sure if this helped or not (he did not take kindly to my encouraging words), but he did calm down and finish the work.  The rest of the evening (there was not much left — just time for a little reading) went fine.  I considered it a successful night.

What I haven’t mentioned (until now) is that last week we had a really bad homework night — all of the most challenging and worrisome behaviors were in the mix — crying, anger, helplessness, declarations of hatred for school and everything else.  I started several times to write a post about the experience, but I felt so unsettled and discouraged that it was hard to write about, and I never did finish the post.

So, is it two steps forward and one step back, or one step forward and two steps back?  If I had to call it, I would say that things are improving:  coping skills are being built in minute increments, perspective and maturity are gradually infiltrating Alexander’s ten year old world view.  I hope I’m right.

Meanwhile, I just realized I may have slipped up on my seven day challenge this evening.  Just a tiny bit.  Need to be alert and ever-vigilant.  Tomorrow is another day.


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