Fun Day Monday or “I don’t really know what a brain looks like.”

One of the really cool things that has evolved out of my attempts to use “Positive Discipline” over the past few months is “Fun Day Monday”.  Fun Day Monday was an idea that came about when we engaged in family brainstorming to solve a problem.  The problem was that we often have conflicts about the kids’ screen time (i.e. amount of time spent watching TV or using the computer).  I am pretty anti-TV and try to set fairly strict limits, which inevitably leads to power struggles and unpleasantness, at times to crazy degrees.  Positive Discipline teaches you how to find solutions to problems, as a family, in a way that respects everyone’s input and doesn’t leave the kids feeling like they don’t have any control over what’s going on.  One of many ideas that came from our problem solving process was to have one evening a week when there would be no screen time and, instead, we would spend the time doing something really cool and fun together as a family.  We would take turns choosing the activity for that week.

Unlike some of the other systems we’ve tried to put in place, Fun Day Monday is a winner!  Here are some of the things we’ve done:  dance party and ice cream sundae extravaganza, jumping on the trampoline, snuggling together in a nest of pillows to read, playing board games, running around Bass Lake at twilight, writing and drawing in our nature journals.  But the best of all has been creating family drawings!  Here is the first one we did (which even my husband got home in time to contribute to):

And here is my part of tonight’s endeavor.  Zoe, Alexander and I all drew what we thought the inside of our brains were like.  The kids’ brains both ended up looking a lot like Santa’s Workshop.  Zoe had some people in the “lower level” she called “the dreary co-workers”.  Theirs are not finished, so I will save a picture for the final product.  However, I went back downstairs to work on mine as soon as the kids were in bed, and here it is!  The takeaway?  I do not really know what a brain looks like.

Before all the fun part, there was homework.  But I won’t get into THAT now.


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