School mornings

A quick post from work.  We are three days into the new school year, and Alexander has immediately returned to his pattern of grumpy, unpleasant mornings.  Yesterday, I felt very discouraged and disheartened, found myself going to angry and emotionally dramatic places (in my mind, at least).  I discovered that I was still mad and frustrated last night when I was putting Zander to bed.  We ended the day on a note of mutual animosity, which was sad.

This morning when it was time to get up, I went into Alexander’s room to give him a kiss, which he rebuffed.  I didn’t let it get to me.  In fact, I maintained a cheery demeanor throughout and answered every one of his unpleasant comments with kindness and an upbeat manner.  At one point, he even said, “don’t try to make me happy”!  Interesting…  apparently, he relishes his morning grumpiness.  In addition to maintaining my own good humor, I also backed off and basically let him get ready for school on his own time frame with just a few reminders.  The result:  a much better morning than the day before when I nagged, pleaded and lectured.  Certainly, I feel better!


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